About me

I love real estate and am very passionate in finding the right home for you. I have traveled many parts of the world and have always been fascinated with the differences in architecture that each country and culture provide. What I really love about real estate here, as a Realtor, is when you bring a customer to a home for a showing and they look at each other, their jaws drop and their eyes are sparkling with anticipation. As this is their dream home! They are home! This is why I care!!

I was born and raised in BC, went to North Island College and received my Certificate in Business Administration. I have 17 years of experience in customer service which includes management, financing, administration and marketing. I am proactive in everything I do, finding you a home and/or finding you a buyer. I work within a team and am always asking questions as I want to learn something new everyday.

Call me, work with me and we will carefully list or purchase your current/next home.

Franklin Springle
tel: +1 (506) 875-3306
fax: +1 (506) 382-3946
e-mail: franklin@exitmoncton.ca